How to use social media channels to their full potential with a quick 10-minute assessment.

Are you using social media to its capacity? Probably not, if you’re like most businesses, you don’t have the time or you don’t really understand how to use social media to it’s potential.

There are four main aspects to social media.

1. Engagement – keeping a watchful eye on comments and posts and responding to
these comments in a timely and helpful fashion to ensure your business reputation remains intact.

2. Influence – Being a leading authority in your area of expertise by sharing valuable content. In turn you will create more awareness around your brand

3. Networking – Aligning yourself with leading authorities to earn media mentions and invitations to increase awareness of your brand at events.

4. Sales – Turning followers into leads and converting leads to sales.

You might be great at having social influence, but don’t have the time to follow-up on comments to your timeline. You may have a large number of followers who interact with your social media pages on a daily basis, but you’ve yet to convert the people on your page into valuable sales.

So how do you discover the areas you are lacking and how can you get the most of your social media network?

Try this quick 10-minute social media assessment

First list the goals you hope to achieve through social media. If you are in a bigger company you may already have a social media policy outlining your goals.

1. Take an A4 sheet of paper and divide it into three columns.
2. The first column should be titled Date and Time.
3. The middle column is titled Update Description
4. The last column should be Update Type.

In this exercise you will be looking at the last 10 timeline updates.
In column 1 write the times and dates of the last 10 updates
In column 2 write a brief description of each update. For example: Before and after photos of weight-loss success with information about wait loss.
In column 3 under update type list the type of update it is. For example: Is it encouraging engagement? Is it networking? Is it sales?

Repeat the process for each of your social media channels. Eg; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In.

After you finish this, take each sheet of paper and look at the update types. Is it too
heavily focused on sales, yet networking and engagement updates are vary sparse or
non-existent? Have you wanted to push sales on Facebook, but mainly focus on
influence on Linked-In?

Make this social media assessment part of your monthly routine to help you stay on
track. Our clients are located throughout Australia, Sydney, Castle Hill, Norwest, Parramatta, Ryde and Seven Hills.