With the arrival of 2016, it’s likely your marketing strategy has already been prepared. However this easy to understand guide will help you discover whether you’re headed in the right direction, and if not, help you tweak your marketing plan and refine it.


More so than previous years, consistency is critical. In a world saturated in big brands trying to forge their way globally, the key to expansion is being instantly recognisable. This can only be done through having a consistent brand. Does your website reflect what’s on your Facebook page? What’s being seen in press ads, is it replicated on your website? If you are the CEO of a franchise – are you sure all your franchisees are following the brand guidelines? Many global brands including Google have recently revamped their logos to remain consistent with what the public have learned to associate with their business and ensuring it is the same across the board.

The use of video

Did you realize almost 75 per cent of the world owns a smartphone? We live in a media-rich world where information is now available at our fingertips, almost anywhere in the world. For those on the go, reading screeds of information takes too long, they want their information fast and in bite-sized pieces. That being said, it’s important to allocate some of your marketing budget towards mobile advertising and create video content for social media.

Navigation around ad blockers

Ad blocker programs are great if you don’t want annoying pop-ups; not so great if you’re the advertiser. With Apple upping the ante on ad blockers with the release of iOS9 and extensive apps available to ensure the at-home user doesn’t get bombarded with advertising, now is the time to start contemplating ways to beat the system. While there’s no need for widespread panic just yet, one of your marketing strategies for 2016 should brainstorming for ways around ad blocker – creating advertisements, which defy the normal realms of what ad blockers determine as ‘advertising’.