1.It increases your visibility on the internet.
Ever had a friend with a problem you don’t know how to solve. These days instead of admitting you don’t know, the reply is usually “Google it!” So if your business is looking to see a rise in visitors to your website, it’s crucial you have quality searchable content.You can do can do this through a number of ways

  • You can do can do this through a number of ways
  • Create and regularly update a blog. For example if you have an insurance website, you might want to host a blog with answers to everyday problems potential customers might be interested in knowing. Your blog topics don’t have to be directly about the type of insurances or premiums. You could include topics like “Do I really need pet insurance?” or “The top 10 ways to deter burglars.”

  • Writing quality articles for online publications or ezines, and if you can’t string a sentence together – find someone who can.
  • Presentations with provide solutions to problem solving. For example: If you are a plumber you might want to have a presentation on “What to do during a plumbing emergency”
  • Create a monthly newsletter which can be emailed out to your database
  • Use company events and post photos to make your company seem more approachable.

2. Content marketing doesn’t have to be expensive
It costs very little to add on a blog to your website, create an enewsletter or update your Facebook or Twitter page. The most expensive thing will be your time. Of course you can pull out the big guns like IBM’s Cityone gaming website, but you don’t have to spend thousands.

3. Content marketing creates an emotional bond with your potential clients
Having interesting content that is of interest to your clients is going to keep bring your readers back to your website. For example; let’s look at Purina. While they predominantly market pet foods, they know if there is one thing people are passionate about, it’s their animals. So not only do Purina provide information about their products, they also provide information on every topic under the sun from pet nutrition and health problems to how to pick a new kitten.

The underlying subtext is that if you want healthy pets, and care about animals as much as Purina, you’ll choose Purina pet food next time you’re at the supermarket.

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