Imagine a world where your content doesn't just compete but dominates Google's search results. Sounds enticing, right?

AI prompt-engineering trending tips claim to make writing for websites and blogs so good, that you might think you don't need a copywriter or graphic designer anymore. The thought of cost-cutting may have you hooked on the idea. It pays to remember while ChatGPT and Bard are time-saving, they can't replace a genuine human touch.

AI-generated content at an initial glance and a quick read-over may convince you that you can replace your copywriter. However, look closer and notice that the writing is generic, formulaic and lacks the understanding and emotional depth that a skilled human writer brings. But that’s not the only reason, AI software isn’t the one-stop solution you’ve been dreaming of.

During client briefs, we often get the question: “Can’t I just get ChatGPT to write my website content?”

Let’s look closely at why it’s important to integrate AI with a human touch.

  1. AI-generated website content sounds robotic. How many people do you know who speak using words such as “Embark on a journey” or “Unleash your ideas?”, or start every paragraph with even firstly, secondly, thirdly and in conclusion? Of course, you can ask ChatGPT or Bard to be more conversational and it will take your content to use words like “Hey folks, the vibe is giving.”
  2. Google penalises AI-generated content that doesn’t have the human touch. Eg; Sarah, a business owner using Chat GPT for her blog posts noticed her site traffic started to dwindle. The culprit? A recent Google update penalised AI-generated content that lacked a human touch. Sarah's story is all too common and suddenly technology you thought was a timesaver is costing you traffic (which equates to revenue).
  3. When relying on ChatGPT for information, it's essential to fact-check details related to current events, specific data figures, medical information or recent scientific discoveries, as the knowledge is not always current. In the health and wellness areas, AI often makes guesses based on year-old information.

Here are some handy tips to apply to ensure your use of ChatGPT or similar software is helpful, not a hindrance.

Use AI to Enhance Not Replace

Let AI assist, not replace your creative process. You can use AI-generated content ideas and the outline, but ensure you still provide unique insights and expertise.

Quality Over Quantity

Focus on crafting engaging, valuable content tailored to your audience, rather than churning out volumes of generic posts without real-world examples.

Stay Updated

Regularly refresh your content with the latest information and trends to keep it relevant and engaging.

Diversify Your Approach

Mix various content forms, such as videos and infographics, to enrich your website's appeal and reach.

Combining AI's efficiency with irreplaceable human creativity and prioritising high-quality, varied content, your website can surpass Google's stringent criteria. Sarah's tale is a cautionary one, reminding us that. a human touch makes all the difference.

Don't let your website fade into obscurity with AI-generated content. Take the first step towards revitalising your website's appeal by booking a discovery call with Wendy at XDesigns Advertising today. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of SEO and website content to secure your spot at the top.