There are a multitude of theories and formulas you can try when it comes to direct mail campaigns but the most successful campaigns have four essential elements in common.

1. Your Offer
Every good direct mail campaign has an offer. People love freebies. Instant giveaways are an incentive to purchase and far surpass the motivation to purchase for a single entry in a prize draw. Ensure you research your giveaway and keep it straightforward without hundreds of terms and conditions. If the reward is likely to be attractive (e.g.: IPod, Flash drive, Vouchers) make it the feature of your campaign.

2. Your Presentation
Professional results are imperative. You won’t get a good response if your company comes across as looking dodgy with sub-standard images, logos, design and copywriting.
Not a trained graphic designer? Don’t have the gift of writing clear, concise copy? Then outsource the work to someone who knows what they are doing.

3. Your Customer Database
Businesses close down and senior staff change jobs so customer databases can quickly become outdated. Ensure your database is kept accurate. There is no point sending a flier to someone who has moved or has asked to be removed from the system.
A good database will include as much information about your customers as possible. Look for patterns with their information to group them into smaller, more manageable groups. By doing this, you can target individuals more likely to take up your offer.

4. Fine Tune it
Critique your own work. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Be critical, if you received this direct mail campaign would you respond immediately or simply delete it?
Does it read well? Is it eye-catching? Tweak it until your 100% satisfied it couldn’t be better.