Lie 1 It’s a lot less work than other promotions

Content marketing - you just write the website copy, post on Facebook or Twitter occasionally and you’re done, Right? Hold that thought. It is not as simple as stringing a few sentences together about your product or service.

There’s researching which keywords perform better, market research, making sure the content is search engine optimised, regularly reviewing the website content, assessing your resources and that’s just scratching the surface..

Lie 2 Once it’s done, it’s done.

Content marketing is not done and dusted when you insert the last full stop and the website goes live. There’s blogging, reviewing copy and website analytics, responding to website enquiries, moderating blog comments. Can’t it be automated so you can set and forget? Well there are some options you can set up to reduce the workload. For example if someone emails your company via the website, you can set up an automatic response to indicate the email has been received and how long before they can expect a reply, but there is no way to program creating the content, strategies for social media and website management, engaging with your customers and monitoring your analytics.

Lie 3 It’s cheap

Content marketing is often thought to be free, and compared to taking out a billboard in the heart of Kings Cross, a Facebook promotion is cheaper, but it’s like comparing oranges and apples – they’re both fruit, each with their own nutritional benefits, but you wouldn’t’ ditch one, in favour of the other because they both reach different audiences.

Chances are your social media promotion isn’t going to go viral overnight. This takes time, money, consistency and employing a well thought out strategy.

Lie 4 It can be handled by a Facebook savvy office junior

Managing your social media strategies is not a task to be handed over to the office receptionist for when time allows. Content marketing requires skill and just because your employee is savvy with Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t mean they have the talent to create content, apply social media strategies and ensure content is search engine optimised. Companies are now opting to hire experienced copywriters and journalists to handle their social media marketing. An office junior is never going to be able to match the talents experience professionals bring to the table.

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