A brochure is only as good as its content. The design can look fabulous, the text can read like a dream, but unless it’s making an impact on your sales, you might as well use it to wrap your fish n chips.

By ensuring you utilise these five essential elements, you can transform your brochures into highly successful sales instrument.

1. Attention grabbing headlines 

Attention grabbing headlines which focus on the benefits your company can offer will be more successful than slapping a company logo on the front cover with a tagline which doesn’t really say anything startling. Take for instance a weight loss company; a brochure which has “Lose 8kg in 10 weeks” is likely to have more success than starting with committed to excellent customer service. The headline targets a problem a potential customer might have and offers a benefit in a concise, clear manner.

2. Points of differences

Points of differences are unique benefits that set you apart from your competitors. What makes your company different? Why should a client opt for using your company instead of another? Think of it as a personal branding statement. A weight loss company might use something like Lose 8kg in 10 weeks or get your money back. A popular fitness company uses Earn $10 for every kilo you lose. Whatever you decide on it has to be snappy, clear and unique to your business.

3. Make your brochure educational

Make your brochure educational. Once you have the potential customer interested, they will want to know more about what you are offering. Try to be clear without overloading the text with industry-jargon only tech-savvy people would understand.

4. Back up your claims with hard evidence

Back up your claims with hard evidence. You can achieve this by using testimonials and quotes from satisfied customers, public figures, even celebrity endorsements. Short articles and pictures are also useful.

5. Make your reader want to take action

Make your reader want to take action. After reading the brochure from top to bottom, the prospective customer likes what they see, now comes the part where you want to encourage them to pick up the phone or call in and visit rather than filing the brochure away in a kitchen drawer. You might offer a money back guarantee, a trial period if they call before the end of the month or a bonus product.

Utilising all of these five essential elements into any brochure, be it small home based business or large international corporate company, will create a dynamic sales tool that works.

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