When you’re a small fry swimming in the big worldwide web pond, how are you supposed to compete when pitching your products against the big brand names? The answer is simple. You need to boost your search engine ranking to guarantee you are capturing There are a few tactical secrets; XDesigns Advertising can share with you absolutely free.

Secret 1

Find out the exact phrases and keywords your potential target audience are looking for, by researching the most popular words and phrases entered into the most commonly used search engines. Sounds difficult, but it’s as easy as logging on to Google Keyword tool and searching the terms you would enter if you were looking for your own website.

It’s not about selecting the keywords or phrases with the highest number of global searches, instead you need to choose the keywords and phrases you will use in your website copy by thinking  about

  1. How relevant is the keyword or phrase to your website?
  2. How many other people are using the same keyword or phrases?
  3. Which keywords or phrases have the highest search volumes?

Secret 2

When you have selected your phrases or keywords, it’s important to incorporate them in the website copy. Correct placement is important. Generally your keywords should appear with 3 to 5 per cent saturation, but no more. You still want your copy to read well without it sounding like your keywords have been stuffed into every second sentence.

Example of badly written website copy with keywords; If you are planning a romantic candle lit night and need to buy candles, we are your candle specialist for rechargeable LED candles, candles with remote control and scented candles.

Is your website mobile friendly?


Secret 3

Ensure you use your keywords within the meta description, in titles and headings. If this all sounds a bit like understanding ancient hieroglyphics, it might be worth the money to get the advice of a proven graphic design and search engine optimising specialist.

Secret 4

Do a link exchange with other websites. Basically it’s a “I’ll list your link on my website if you list mine on yours.” This is often referred to as back links.

Secret 5

Regularly update your website. No one wants to regularly update the main website copy, so the best way around this is to start a blog.

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