Content marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to grow your business. There are many different ways you can generate content, but one of the most popular is blogging. Not only does blogging help your customers see you as an authority on a subject, it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website, provides you with social media content and boosts your search engine optimisation.

One of the most difficult things to decide on can be what to blog about, but don’t panic we’ve put together a guide on how to come up with fresh ideas for blog.

1. Answer FAQs
Ever had one of those days where you’ve been inundated with phone calls from customers who ask annoying questions? Take each of those questions and turn it into an article you can post on your website. It might even reduce the number of pesky phone calls you get.
For example; How do I get my garage remote reprogrammed? Or What should I be eating if I want to become shredded?

2. Reuse old content
If you’ve got old blogs, repurpose them by giving them a makeover. You could update statistics, perhaps add a new perspective to it, or if the topic is currently trending add your opinion.

3. A Series
If you’ve ever watched Ozark on Netflix, you’ll know the feeling of wanting to know more. Pick a topic and write a series of blogs that leaves your customers waiting with anticipation for the sequel.

4. Instagram Influencers
Browse Instagram and check out what the top influencers in your field are talking about. Pinpoint topics that are being commented on and build a blog entry around that.

5. Become a sleuth
It’s time to get your Magnum PI on and do some investigating. Find out what your competitors are posting. Are they getting loads of interaction on their blog content? Use their ideas to inspire your own blog posts. Remember, don’t copy and paste. Google knows when you’re plagiarizing ideas and it will penalise your website for it.

6. Analyse Google Trends
Google trends explores what the world is searching for based on topics and locations. You may find a topic that relates to your business allowing you to ride the conversation wave.

7. Brainstorming
Some of the best ideas come from brainstorms and word association. This can either be done by yourself or with a group of people. Use a whiteboard or large sheet of butcher’s paper and write your product or service. Then write down everything that comes to mind when you think of this product or service—no answer is a dumb. There’s no judgement when brainstorming. You may end up with an entire bank of ideas that keeps you going for the next six months or more.

8. Answer the Public!
If you’ve never used Answer the Public before, you are certainly missing out. You list a topic and it compiles a list of all the questions people are searching for on the internet regarding the subject. For example; You might type in Xbox and the creepy looking website will spit out a whole variety of different questions such as; are xbox controllers rechargeable, where is xbox one made, can xbox play Fornite. Take each question and turn it into a blog.
It’s also a great resource for when writing content for an FAQ page for your website.

If you have the ideas but don’t fancy yourself as a writer, our team at XDesigns Advertising have talented blog writers who can magic up words for you. Contact us today to learn more.