Are you posting content on Facebook and posing questions to your followers, just to be met with little to no response? Find out how you can to create engaging posts to encourage interaction from your fans.

1. Link your posts to your website

It’s simple to copy and paste URLs from your website into the status bar. It automatically posts the page title, meta description and images from that URL while allowing you to customise the text. Clicking on the attached images will redirect followers straight to your website.

2. Keep photos and videos interesting

Compelling photos and video clips attract attention and help your post stand out in a sea of posts from friends and other fan pages. Share photos of your customers enjoying your products. For example: If you own a restaurant, instead of posting a copy of the menu, use a video where your customers are commenting on the food or service, or enjoying dessert.

3. K.I.S.S. it

Keep It Short and Simple. Pretend you have limited characters to communicate what you want to say, around 110 and 150 characters will ensure you keep it brief.

4. Encourage conversation with your fans

Invite your fans to comment on your products or services. Find a way to demonstrate you’ve taken their ideas on board - it’s a great way to express you appreciate their feedback and are display willing to accommodate their needs. For example: A gaming company could ask their Facebook audience on ideas for games they’d like to see created, then put the best ideas into production.

5. Post special offers for Facebook fans

Limited deals especially for your Facebook fans can be used as an incentive to join your page in the first place and to keep your audience from losing interest. For example, secret passwords can be utilised to get a discount in-store when purchasing. Adding an end date will prompt fans to take action sooner, rather than later.

6. Provide VIP information

Make your fans feel part of an exclusive club by providing them with sneak previews, special information not available to any other customers and competitions. For example: For Christmas you could do 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Every day post a product photo you’re giving away to one lucky Facebook fan.

7. Be community minded

You don’t have to necessarily post products or services on your Facebook page. When there’s a natural disaster or a global event that is trending in the media, it’s an ideal opportunity to let your Facebook fans know you’re more than just a company - you’re a company that cares.

8 Respond in a timely fashion

Timeliness is everything when your Facebook fans have commented or asked questions on your page. The quicker you respond, the more probable they will interact with you in the future

9. Monitor page insights

Keeping an eye on your page insights and Facebook analytics will help you keep your content relevant and get an idea of what is working and what isn’t.

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