You’ve heard how content marketing is the way of the future, and while it sounds good in theory, you’re not too sure how to go about it. If this sounds like you, the XDesigns team have collated a list of practical solutions to revolutionise your content marketing strategies.

1. Be selective in your content

Don’t saturate your webpage or social media with inconsequential updates because you think the more content, the better. Be selective in the process. Ask yourself what will my clients really care about? Less content which is well thought out has more impact

2. Use unique blog posts

Think about features of your products and services or issues within your industry that haven’t been over-exposed and write a series of blogs.

3. Make use of Calls to Action

You don’t want your prospective customers to sit and think about what they’ve just read or heard, you want them to feel compelled to act, so give them a reason to pick up the phone or email. For example: The first 20 callers receive a free e-book.

4. Publish a book

You can’t give away a free e-book unless you’ve written one about your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a ‘writer’. You can outsource this work to a professional copywriter. You can always ask XDesigns to recommend someone.

5. Involve your staff

Content marketing is a team effort. If you are stuck for ideas, talk to your employees in sales or administration.

6. Answer questions

Make a detailed list of the top questions you receive from prospective customers. For example; If you are in the beauty industry, your clients might want to know about getting rid of unwanted back hair. This gives you the perfect opportunity to write an article and then post it to your social media sites and blog.

7. Re-evaluate your social media posts

At the end of the week make a point of looking back at your Facebook or Twitter updates to see how they are performing. What prompted your followers to engage? What was shared with friends? What didn’t perform at all? You may need to adjust your content or the times you post new content.

8 Host an event

It could be as simple as a free sausage sizzle outside Mitre 10 or an information night about the best time to sell their home.

9 Upload videos

With smartphones you don’t have to be a brilliant videographer. If you’re a real estate agent film your next auction. Maybe you’re a beautician, why not demonstrate how to pluck your eyebrows. Then upload them to your website and YouTube.

If you need help bringing your content marketing to life with graphic design or copywriting, contact the team at XDesigns Advertising today for a free, no-obligation quote.