Everyone loves a good shortcut and life hacks to make those daily tasks easier. That’s essentially what marketing automation is—a way to bypass those daily, repetitive marketing tasks. Using software technology to reduce time-consuming tasks such as social media, emails and responding to queries, frees you up to concentrate on the more important aspects of your job.

The aim of marketing is to turn website traffic into sales leads and convert those leads to loyal customers that spend money with you. This is where automation really becomes worth its weight in gold, during the final stages crucial to making a sale. Not only does the customer feel like they’re getting excellent customer service, you’ve already done the hard work, and the process become automatic.

At XDesigns Advertising, we will help you take your marketing to the next level. You can learn how to efficiently follow up on new leads, touch-base with existing clients to ensure feel more organised and in control.

With our help, being-time poor will no longer be one of your daily challenges. We will help you set up:

Drip campaigns also known as automated email campaigns—a series of automated emails that are fired off to clients dependent on specified times or determined by client actions. For example; should someone fill out a competition entry to win a prize you are offering, where they tick the box agreeing to receive information from you, an automated thank you for entering email can be sent in response with a pre-designed template listing other products they may be interested in. Two days later, you could send them an email that gives them an extra chance to win, should they share an entry link with friends.

One-time emails are very specific in content and broadcast to a selected audience from your contact list, based on their interests or location. It might target your audience to attend an event, or partake in a special discount for a limited time. Then based on each customer’s response, an automatic chain of events is sent in motion. For example; if you are offering a webinar and a customer responds with an RSVP. A confirmation email will automatically be sent out and then after the webinar, a poll asking how did we go, and offering up and coming courses or products your client may be interested in.

Automated workflows are the backbone to automated marketing. This is a map to what responses are required throughout the sales process. From the time someone signs up for your monthly newsletter or upcoming sales to months down the track after they’ve purchased a product or service.

We can suggest how to introduce the procedures, help you draft templates and campaigns; even manage your entire automated marketing system for you.

If you’re ready to make your life easier and manage your time more efficiently, contact us today.