With so many freelance graphic designers and graphic design companies available to choose from, how do you choose the right one for you? We’ve put together a list of a few things you may want to think about before signing any contracts.

There are 4 major factors to take into consideration

1. Portfolio. Every good graphic designer has a portfolio on their website showcasing previous projects they have completed. Before you even phone or email to make an appointment with the designer or design team, have a look at a few different portfolios on line. Is there versatility in the work style? Is there a variety of projects? Be wary of designers that seem to stick to the same style of design. For example, if their portfolio consists of mostly CD covers or posters, you ask to see catalogue or magazine spreads.

2. Personality and communication style. Try to set up a meeting where you can interact face to face with the team before hiring them to ensure your personalities mesh well. It’s a good way to gauge their communication style and professionalism. Choose a graphic designer who is going to be proactive in letting you know how the project is tracking. You don’t want to be the one chasing them up.

3. Timeline of the project. Don’t forget to ask about turnaround times. How long is going to take them to complete your design work? If you want a 60 page catalogue and they promise to have the job finished in two days, this should sound alarm bells. It’s probably being a little optimistic and if it is completed, it won’t be to the best of their ability. Take the time to find out what the creative process is from start to finish.

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4. Budget. It’s important to let your graphic designer know what your budget for the design work is. If you are a small company who doesn’t have a big budget allocated to marketing, your designer should be able to you what they can do for your available funds.

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Now that you know what to look for in a graphic designer, check out XDesigns Advertising impressive portfolio of work and pick up the phone to discuss what we can do for you.