1. Social media will affect your Google ranking

If you have ever thought there’s no point in your company venturing into the world of Social Media, think again. In 2015 Google will analyse your social media activity and apply this to your search engine ranking. To get around this without doing any extra work, you may want to have a live feed widget which posts to your tweets and status updates directly to your homepage on your website.

2. Content marketing is crucial to Facebook marketing

Facebook are cracking down on business posts which promote downloading apps, buying products or coerce users into entering competitions, instead you will need to be posting content rich information rather than status updates with buy now. Posting regular and relevant content is an important aspect of making sure your Facebook feeds appear in newsfeeds. Targeting your posts to different ages, countries or even genders and including high quality photos can also help ensure more people see your content.

3. Having mobile friendly website is not an option

Last year it was advised to ensure your website is responsive, this year, it’s not an option. According to statistics, over half the world’s population will gain access to the internet via a mobile device. Upgrading your website will make the interact experience a lot simpler. Navigation anywhere on the website can be done with literally one or two swipes.

4. Post well-thought out Tweets

Tweets need to be keyword heavy, include hashtags, images and personalised links to rank higher with Twitters new upgrade to a better search engine similar to Google.Use bit.ly to personalise your links with keywords and use short, relevant hashtags, rather than an obscure attempt to be funny.

5. Utilise your Facebook and Twitter Insights

Analysing your social media insights can assist you in making informed marketing decisions. With these tools you will be able to see what your customers are liking, sharing, what times they’re most active, right down to the average age and whereabouts.

If you’re confused about how to make sure your business is staying on trend for 2015, need help implementing digital marketing strategies or just want a quote for a mobile friendly website, contact the team at XDesigns Advertising. They’ll help you achieve what you always thought was unreachable.