Marketing trends come and go, but there’s one marketing tactic that has proven itself time and time again to be a winner. It’s suitable for your entire client base, it’s been tried and tested for over a decade and still delivers the biggest impact for your buck when it comes to digital marketing.

Studies conducted by Marketing Sherpa revealed over 90 per cent of adults enjoy receiving promotional emails from businesses they’ve subscribed too. Three quarters of those surveyed like receiving special promos monthly, while over half said they would be happy to receive them even more frequently.

So why does email marketing remain so effective?

Email is a great way to back up social media advertising

Paying for Facebook advertising has proved to be more efficient when the ads are reinforced by sending an accompanying email campaign.

Email is perfect for split testing

Email marketing software allows you to try several different concepts for the same campaign and analyse the results so you can perfect your approach.

Email marketing helps you build relationships with your clients

Regular correspondence with your client base will help them feel a connection with your company.

Email marketing is the fastest way of contacting your clients

The second you press the send button, delivery to your client’s inbox is instant, no need to wait for Australia Post to deliver it and since 91 per cent of people check their emails daily you should start to see results within 48 hours.

Emails are mobile

With the invention of smartphones, most users have access to their email wherever they are. It doesn’t matter if you clients are overseas or out of town, they will still receive your email.

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