Once upon a time MySpace was the space to hang out on line, then there was Bebo. Fast on its heel was Facebook and Twitter. YouTube, Instagram, Vines….isn’t this social media networking getting a little out of control? It’s almost like a full time job just updating Facebook and Twitter. Then along comes LinkedIn, a website for professionals and business minded like people to network ideas.

When will the madness stop? And is LinkedIn really necessary?

While you can’t be blamed for thinking that LinkedIn sounds a lot of like Facebook for businesses, it can be an invaluable marketing tool. Where else are you able to meet thousands quality business connections as well as create awareness for your business online for free?

On Facebook your business is competing against hundreds of internet memes, the latest viral videos and “look at me, look at me” selfies. On LinkedIn, the newsfeeds are much more business orientated. Your posts won’t get lost in a sea of status updates from Facebook addicts who like to post photos of their half-eaten breakfasts. One of the main differences between Facebook and LinkedIn is the type of “friends” you have. Don’t add every Tom, Dick and Harry that sends you a connection request. It’s not a competition over who has the most contacts. Use your scruples and only add people who can contribute valuable knowledge which can help develop your business or give you a leg up in your career later on in life. While it sounds a little cut throat, sometimes that’s what it takes to succeed in the business world. After all, it’s not always what you know; it’s who you know that helps you get places.

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