Even though Facebook was launched in 2004, it’s still a fairly new method of marketing and reaching potential customers. A fairly common comment business owners are making is “Does my business really need a Facebook page?”

If you’re one of these company director’s that think Facebook is just a phase or sounds like too much hard work, ask yourself this question – “Where else am I going to find an audience of over one billion users aged between 18 to 70?”

Having a Facebook page for your company is one thing, knowing how to use it to its potential is another. Here are 5 important ways to ensure you are getting the most from your company Facebook page.

1) Create a profile page. Choose a banner and profile photo that reflect your company’s branding. For example; your Facebook banner could be a photo of your commercial premises, your employees in action or even your branded company vehicles. Use a logo for the profile page.

2) Invite as many people as possible to join your page. You need at least 25 members before your commercial page will be granted a Facebook website address. Getting your page out into the wider Facebook community relies on your friends liking and sharing your page in the hope their friends will like it and share it with their friends.

3) Keep it interesting. Post regular updates keeping your fans updated on what’s going on with your business. It could be anything from special offers for Facebook fans to competitions, even photos of staff giving back to the community or Friday funnies.

4) Design a landing page for newcomers. A landing page is a specially designed page which links to your Facebook page but allows you to ask new visitors to your page to like it, and may be an opportunity to glean information from the users through use of a short survey.

Learn more about Landing pages >> http://www.xdesigns.com.au/x-designs-blog/landing_pages_part-1

5) Try to encourage interaction with your friends. Ask questions about what they think? Comment on current affairs which make provoke a reaction. Their comments on your site will attract the attention of their friends.

If you don’t know how to set up a Facebook page or have a Facebook page but struggle with content or perhaps you’d like a landing page, contact the team at XDesigns Advertising today for a no-obligation free chat on how to immerse your company in the world of social networking.