In an internet saturated world, content marketing will remain among the top methods for business to increase their visibility in 2016. Well thought out content is the difference between ranking highly in search engines and being invisible. So how can you ensure your content marketing strategies are effective in an ever evolving world?

Make it individualised

Structure your marketing campaigns to fulfil your prospective clients’ personal preferences. You can use a number of ways to determine this. Google Analytics can reveal browsing habits, age and location of the people visiting your website. Surveys, polls and targeted landing pages are also a great way to glean data. Using this data you can create campaigns using automated, personalised software. Making it personal, makes the client feel like you care about their individual needs. They become more than just a number or a means to make money.

Make it image-based

Easy to read Infographics, captivating images, and short video clips are essential for every website or social media post.

Make it appropriate

Not all content is created equal or understood in the across the globe. What Australians find humorous could be taken to be rude and offensive by another culture. What’s important to customers in New South Wales may be different to the needs of customers in Western Australia. For example, if you are a global Australian company, you will need to think carefully about your targeted keywords. If specialise in manchester, you’ll have to take into account, not everyone knows manchester is. In my countries it’s called bed linen. And you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t know what a Doona or an Esky is.

Let your customers talk

Let your potential customers tell others in their own words about your product or service. There is no better form of marketing than to hear it from an individual who has used your company with satisfying results. Anyone can post a written testimony, but to hear a customer talk to camera about their experience is priceless.

Remember to make it mobile responsive

More and more people are using smartphones as the source of their information. Why be chained to a desktop computer when you can access information at your fingertips, while you are on the go. Therefore you need to take this into consideration when structuring your content. It needs to be fast, informative and easy to read on a small screen.

Customise your posts

Using a cross-platform software that generates Facebook and Twitter posts when you post to your website might seem like an effective way to save time, but customised posts for each social media network help humanised your business. They’re not just talking to a corporate company when they engage with your on social media, they are talking to an individual someone that cares about what their wants and needs as a customers.

Talk to XDesigns Advertising about how to make your content marketing more effective or to help your business achieve the above six steps for 2016.