Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in a constant state of change. Google algorithms and SEO strategies are always being revamped. What worked for improving your rankings last year, doesn’t mean it will work this year. The one thing that never changes is the need for good quality content. There’s simply no substitute for it. Here are our top tips for improving your website ranking through the use of content marketing.

Blog, blog and blog some more

Search engines love new content that ask questions and provide answers, and the more regular you do it, the more traffic it drives to your website. The key to good blogging is to use voice-activated search terms. With more people using mobile devices and turning to digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa, the way the content is written is important. It seems Google also ranks the word news higher than a blog, so if you have a news page that you regularly updated content, you should see an increase in traffic to your website.

Although attention-spans are shorter, longer blog posts are ranking better. Formatting and breaking the blog into readable sections with h4 title tags that summarise each paragraph can make it easier for the reader to digest. If you are struggling to extend your content without padding or waffling, try using Google’s “People also ask” box. This will give you more idea about the type of information people are searching for. Each time you click on a new question, more related questions get generated.

FAQ pages

One of the most valuable and often overlooked pieces of content on your website is Frequently Asked Questions (also known as FAQs). These days people are time poor. They want answers without having to dig for them. Every day people ask search engines millions of questions. If your business provides informative answers to industry-related questions that are being asked, it is a useful way to cash in on search engine traffic, and perhaps get new clients

Use video content

Never under estimate the power of blogging. This is what helps you ranks for specific keywords and increases the amount of web users who visit your site. However, with a constant momentum of YouTube and Facebook live, video content certainly has an important place. YouTube has 1.5 billion users a month, which just goes to show you how much short video snippets are being consumed.

Building quality content can be time consuming, but as you can see it is exceptionally important to boosting your ranking and driving traffic to your website. If you are time-poor and need assistance crafting blog posts, FAQ pages or are not sure why your website is failing to rank, talk to us today.