From all appearances, an opt-in page, sometimes referred to as a landing page, looks straightforward and simple, but don’t be deceived. A lot of hard work and thought goes into creating the perfect page to create leads and build a direct marketing list,,

What is the main purpose of an opt-in page? 

Opt-in pages (or landing pages) provide free incentives in exchange for contact information. For example; win a night’s accommodation at the Hilton and then personal details such as names, phone numbers and emails are gleaned to build a database for customer contacts. Your incentive doesn’t have to be as glitzy as a night’s accommodation. It could be a free ebook or coupon codes for discounts.

In most cases, this could be the first time people are hearing about your business. You are strangers! You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street and trying to sell them your service or product without an introduction. The internet is no different. An opt-in page is like saying “Hey, this is what I can do for you and if you like me and want to get to know us better, then let’s swap contact details.”

Landing pages are also idea if you are running Google Ad words campaigns and provide you with an opportunity to add more touch points to your prospects journey. After all, you don’t go from being random strangers to best friends the first time you meet someone. There are often conversations along the way, and soon you are more than just strangers, your acquaintances. Opt-in or landing pages are a great way to steer that journey from random to best friends (also known as loyal customers).

What does the perfect opt-in page need?

Does it really need your logo? 
Having a logo on your opt-in page is a bit like walking around a large shopping mall with a “Hello my name is…” badge. No one cares. In fact, it’s probably just filling in white space that could be used more efficiently. Remember the purpose for your opt-in page is to get people interested and these days you have about 2.5 seconds. You are dealing with people that don’t know you from a bar of soap, it’s it doesn’t matter whether you’re Wally Watson from Wally’s Super Butcher or Sid from Snap Fresh Meats—what matters most is the offer!

Do I need to tell prospect about my business?
Does your audience really want to know you’re a family-run business for four generations? No, not really. Do they care what part of Australia the goods you’re selling come from? Uh-uh! They’re only interested in the solution you can provide for them and the incentive to hand over their details.

Do I need testimonials?
One or two written testimonials may be beneficial, but it’s not going to entice someone to sign up for your newsletter. Further along the sales funnel video testimonials can be very powerful to convert website traffic into actual paying customers, but for the purpose of an opt-in page, the simpler, the better.

What about the lead magnet?
A lead magnet is a fancy term to describe the way you entice people to give you their mobile phone number or their email address. The rule of thumb is to keep your giveaway and sign up process as simple as possible. If a person has too answer too many questions about wage earnings or preferences or shopping habits, chances are they’re going to decides it’s too much effort. It needs to be fast and breezy! From looking at the page they need to be able to surmise what you are giving away and how to sign up with it. If it’s too complex…they’ll lose interest in a flash and move on to the next interesting thing.

Do I need a graphic designer to layout my opt-in page
Absolutely, no questions about it—YES! A good graphic designer or web developer with a design background can make the world of difference between a page that doesn’t clearly communicate your message and one that’s eye-catching. A good designer will also ensure the headline is the first thing on the page the eye is drawn to with a sub headline that elaborates on the headline.
Use one image which clearly shows what you are giving away, so your web traffic can see what they are getting for their exchange of details.

Your description of your giveaway doesn’t have to be over the top, as long as it adequately describes what is on offer and it includes the benefits of the product or service. Makes sure you understand the difference between a benefit and a feature.

1) Features are things the products or services provide.
2) Benefits are what enhancements is the product or service going to bring to your audiences life.
For example; Let’s say you’re giving away a free cookbook. The features might be Meatless recipes, 108-pages, large size font. The benefits are all your vegetarian recipes in one spot No more spending hours trawling the internet for vegetarian recipes.

What calls to actions work best?
When you’re designing an opt-in page, the best call to actions (CTA) are buttons. Again, keep it simple like “Yes, sign me up” and have the contact form fields on a separate page so it doesn’t make your opt-in page look cluttered or clunky.
An alternative to contact form fields is a pop-up. It’s clean and simple and with one question like “What’s your email address?” It only takes a few seconds to fill in. You start losing people when you want their postal address, birthdate and personal details of that nature.

How do I write a good headline for my opt-in page
A good headline, even though usually only a few words, can be the hardest part of this process. If you are pressed for time, we suggest you hire a professional content writer. However if you are doing this alone, the headline should include what your potential client will get from opting in, how long it will take and list the one thing that’s been holding them back from achieving their desired goal.

For example; Make vegetarian meals in 30 minutes your family WILL eat.

Always make sure your free gift is sent immediately, or if your new leads has entered a draw to win, send a confirmation email of what they’ve entered.

Now you have their email addresses or phone number, the next part of the sales funnel is to explain the products or services you have for offer and how it will change their life.

If you are having trouble generating leads or designing the perfect opt-in page, talk to the team at XDesigns Advertising today.