Rebranding your business can be a big undertaking as there’s more to a brand than simply refreshing your logo or revamping website copy.

A rebrand requires you to evaluate your company’s positioning, the mission, the clear messages you want the public take away from your marketing collateral, as well as an overhaul of your stationary, signage, business premises, advertising, social network strategies, right down to how your logo looks.

As marketing professionals, we’re often asked the question “Do you think we need to rebrand?”

If you can answer yes to at least one of these reasons, it may be time to book yourself an appointment with the XDesigns team for a complimentary brand session.

Your business has never had a professional brand makeover

Often business owners who start out working from home and suddenly find their overnight their company has blossomed bigger than they could ever imagined have never sat down with marketing professionals to develop a consistent brand strategy. They may have a template website with free website hosting and logos designed by friends.

Your branding is dated

If your logo was designed back in the days when before the invention of MTV and when wearing rainbow leg warmers were still in fashion, it’s time to help your company transform into the 21st century.

Your current brand has adverse connotations associated with it

Perhaps your business has been dragged through the courts, associated with people who have ruined its reputation or received bad press from leaving behind a large carbon footprint; a fresh brand overhaul may help disentangle your company from any previous bad publicity.

In 1991 Kentucky Fried Chicken underwent a rebrand and changed its name to KFC. Their reasoning was to disassociate themselves from the negative connotations of serving fried food, given the public’s new focus on eating healthier.

You’re branching into different products, services or regions

Beginners in business usually start out focusing on one product or service, as the business starts to grow and accumulate a clients, you may decide to extend your vision to include an international market, a variety of products or even add more services to your repertoire. A rebrand will be able to refocus your direction.

Your business functionality has changed

If you’ve changed the way you are conducting business, for example; you’re ditching old processes for a cleaner, greener way of operating or perhaps you’ve changed your mission to be more community focused, you can use this in your branding to highlight your point of difference.

You’ve merged or taken over a company

Taken over a business that’s gone into liquidation or you may even have merged with a new business, in both circumstances, it’s definitely time for a rebrand.

To take the first steps in getting your rebrand underway, talk to the marketing professionals which can take your business success to the next level.