Did you realise that the most successful brands on Facebook ooze authenticity and have a way of communicating with their audience which is consistent. For example a graphic design company whose followers are business professionals wouldn’t go from posting informative marketing blogs and using professional language to funny pictures of cats and using colloquial terms like ‘Wassup dude?’


Style of voice
The voice you choose to reflect must take into consideration company’s principles, standards and objectives. We’re not saying you can’t have fun interacting with your audience, providing you don’t concede on what’s important to your brand’s uniqueness and character.
Type of audience
Your style of voice should also be contingent on the audience you are targeting. To appeal to a wider clientele you’ll need to keep it basic and avoid industry jargon. If your intent is to be more informative, perhaps a systematic approach is called for and explain some of the more technical terminology. If your target audience is under 25, then make sure you’re up-to-date with all the latest slang terms like sick meaning really, really cool and wicked meaning the same. Your approach to your brand voice will need to be reassessed as you begin to network and interact with the likers on your Facebook page. 
Social media goals
Encouraging interaction is one of the major social media goals for businesses. The more people who comment on your posts, the more the post will be seen by their friends. It’s vital to read your audience posts and respond to them. It makes your followers feel like your brand understands them and acknowledges their opinions. Not responding to posts is like having a one-sided conversation on the telephone. If you don’t get anything back from the person on the end of the line, it’s likely you’ll get bored and hang up. 
What’s next?
If you’re not sure how to start with adopting your own brand voice, looking at what your competitors are doing and explore what works for them and what doesn’t.
And if you are still completely baffled about what kind of voice to give your brand, or you’re not even sure your brand is working for you, call the team at XDesigns for a brand overhaul that works.