One of the biggest challenges for both new and established business, even corporate conglomerates who have a lion’s share of the market, is social media advertising. Ideas you thought were golden may not have generated as much interested as you anticipated.

If your Facebook campaigns aren’t eliciting the results you hoped, it’s time to re-evaluate and try these tried and tested methods.

We’ve worked with a huge range of clients, helping them demystify the world of social media advertising with great results. Going forward to 2017, we thought we’d share a couple of ways you can try out. It’s exciting once you start to see the campaign taking effect.

If your business sells a service - you might be a tiler, a masseur, a nutritionist or a real estate agent, the advertising method that’s proved the most successful is some sort of voucher offer. Ever wonder why Groupon or coupon-based websites are so popular? It’s because people can’t resist a bargain or a free offer.

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer – why not offer the first consultation and training session free? Don’t think of it as missing out on 30 minutes you could be paid for, but as an investment on free word of mouth advertising. What happens if that one client decides they were so happy with the consultation and training program, they sign up with you for a year? Even if they don’t utilise your service, they’re bound to tell their friends about you who may be more serious about their fitness.Perhaps you could training sessions and bring a friend for free? The options are endless.

Just keep it simple with no strings attached. Ask yourself what would make you click on the link.Branding ads with a daily presence of Facebook is a basic way of getting your name out in the community. It only requires a small spend each day. You might boost an educational video or an interesting blog. So when you do have a big promotion you need to hit a home run, you can build up an audience of people who already know what your business is about. Use this straightforward strategy and you have a receptive audience.Lead magnets designed to glean customer details are invaluable. Offer tangible rewards for opting in. As a nutritionist, in exchange for providing email details or subscribing to regular updates you could reward your prospect with a 7-day meal plan for clean eating. A real estate agent might offer advice on how to sell your home at auction or the opportunity to opt in to an informative webinar.

Try putting these three advertising methods into practice. If you need assistance, we’re only a phone call or email away. Our clients are located throughout Australia, Sydney, Castle Hill, Norwest, Parramatta, Ryde and Seven Hills.