How to increase the lifespan of your blogs

You’ve just paid an amazing copywriter to create a blog post for you, so now what? How do you get the most out of a blog post?

The majorities of blogs have the lifespan of a goldfish’s memory, but there are strategies you can utilise to inform your social followers the minute it is published and processes to recycle it weeks and months later.

There are 5 easy steps to follow.

1. Break it down to bite sized bits of information.
Blog have several components to them.
Headlines, quotes, images and statistics. You can use each of these components to create clickable content and schedule them over a several months.

For example; the first time you post the blog to your social media page use the headline. It might be a blog about getting the most from your blog or the beginner’s guide to buying a tennis racket. A couple of weeks late you might post the same blog, but this time you will use a statistic from the blog to intrigue people such as 95% of people are promoting their blogs wrong.

A month later you could use it again using a visual quote. Example; Blogs have a limited lifespan if you don’t know how to promote them properly – Wendy Goni, XDesigns.

A couple of months later you can resurrect the same blog post again by posing a question:
“What is the biggest mistake bloggers make?”

2. Make it Visual 
A picture is worth a thousand words. One image at the top of the blog as a header isn’t enough. Try using pictures to incorporate great quotes. Infographics and graphs are a good way to displaying statistics. Don’t forget to brand them with your logo, so when they are retweeted or shared, people know who created it.

3. Publish it on all social media networks
Don’t miss a social media network just because you’re short on time. Hootsuite Pro is a fabulous time-saving social media management system, which allows you to post and schedule content to all social media accounts at once. It also provides the ability to monitor the response and engage with feedback or answer questions in real time.

4. Tag in people in posts where possible 
If you’ve had a guest blogger, tag them it. It shows up on their timeline and then all their friends can see it and allows them to retweet it.

5. Monitor your results
Hootsuite Pro is a good way of keeping track of how your post is performing and alerting you to engagement from customers. Facebook and Twitter both have indepth analytics which you can view to see how many times the link has been clicked on and what time it was read and whether it was shared. Obviously if your blog performs poorly, it’s either on a subject your target audience isn’t interested in, or you are not following the steps above.

If you want assistance writing blogs or managing your social media accounts, XDesigns can provide you with the necessary tools. Contact us today. Our clients are located throughout Australia, Sydney, Castle Hill, Norwest, Parramatta, Ryde and Seven Hills.