Staying with your finger on the pulse in terms of how to keep your business relevant in 2015 will certainly give you the upper hand on your competitors.

Last year, marketing was all about content marketing, providing detailed information and answering clients’ questions. In 2015, the marketing trend your business needs to embrace is social media.

You might think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are a waste of time, but refusing to get on the social media band wagon could be the biggest mistake your company could make.

With over 13 million Australian’s spending an average on 18 hours online a day. Generally, 16 minutes of every hour is spent checking social media accounts. Keeping in mind these startling statistics, it’s no wonder Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are following in Facebook’s footsteps with paid advertising being a part of their new strategy for 2015.

These companies are growing their mobile marketing channels to stay relevant, so what can you doing to make sure your business won’t be left behind in the dark ages.

Mobile responsive websites

It’s not enough to have a flash website anymore, it needs to be mobile responsive – easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets with a flick of the finger. If your website needs to be dragged into the present, call the XDesign’s team now and discuss your options.

Social media accounts

You should have a presence on Facebook and Twitter at a minimum, but your company should also be on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, all of which are regularly updated.

Get an app

Get interactive with your customers and provide them with an app that allows them access to your services or to purchase your products with just a few taps. Hoyts offer a great app that allows you to see what’s screening in your local area, times and book tickets, while many food outlets give you the option of ordering online.

Use language your mobile audience understands

In the online community, it’s acceptable to forgo the Queen’s proper English and use works and acronyms that will be easily understood by the tech savvy. Don’t be scared of using hashtags, LOLs and emoticons.

Get image heavy

In this day and age, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, it’s important to use quality images in your websites and apps. It’s simply not enough to use stock images, your company needs their own professional shots to appear authentic.

Create video content

People love to watch videos and the success of YouTube just goes to prove that. If you post content with videos, it’s proven you are likely to gain four times the likes you’d get if you simply posted an image.

If you struggle with simply turning on your mobile or have been avoiding going social because you’re not exactly sure how to go about it, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time to go mobile and need help, talk to the team at XDesigns Advertising , we’re more than just a graphic design studio.