Sometimes it seems like having a Facebook page for your business is just another item on your to-do list that you just don’t have time for, but what you may not realise is that with more than 250 million people on Facebook, this is your quickest platform to refer people to your website. More traffic to your website could mean more sales or donations.

Make sure your posts are interesting

This is way is guaranteed to get your more followers. If the things you post are awesome, people will share them because they want their friends to think they are posting great stuff. If your Facebook page is consistently interesting you will gain more followers for fear of missing out on one of your amazing updates.

Don’t always try to sell your product or service

If every single post is trying to pressure your followers into buying your goods or service or donating to your non-profit charity, you’ll soon see your Facebook fans disappear into the social media abyss.

A picture of video is worth 1000 words

Keep the text light and ensure you use either a photo, infographic or video with every posts. Long text-heavy posts get skimmed over and are not likely to be shared.

Encourage engagement

This is your opportunity to find out what your customers think. Find out your fans likes and dislikes. Ask pertinent questions, use surveys or polls. You can utilise Facebook fans’ answers to improve or upgrade your products and services.

Let your hair down

Social media doesn’t always have to be serious. Take for example Philips Search and Rescue Trust’s Facebook page ( They operate New Zealand’s largest pool of rescue helicopters and with the type of missions they attend their content could easily lean towards being quite depressing. Their Facebook posts are interspersed with inspirational quotes relevant to the service they provide and once a week they post Friday funnies.

Utilise your Facebook Insight

By familiarising yourself with your Facebook analytics, you can determine the age, location and times your fans are online. This can allow you to tailor posts to your followers.


Don’t be afraid to try different posts. If something doesn’t get a lot of response, that’s okay, you’ll know better for next time. Sometimes the most unexpected posts generate plenty of engagement. If you have a post that is well received, look for similar posts you can schedule for the future.

Use scheduling

If you can't afford a dedicated social media manager, the scheduling function is your best friend. It doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your computer, you can plan posts in advance.

Ask for help

If you need guidance in social media whether it’s content, attracting followers, Facebook advertising, setting up landing pages or creating graphics for posting, took to the team at XDesigns, they’re waiting for your call.