First impressions are everything, so once a customer opts in ticks the box saying they are interested in receiving correspondence from you, your marketing material better be out-of-this-world amazing. A generic thanks for your subscription won’t cut the mustard in this competitive world. You need to pull out all the stops, even if it means hiring a professional graphic designer and a copywriter.

There’s more than just making sure your email correspondence looks the part, you need to ensure it’s well-written taking care to avoid words that will activate the spam filter. It also has to have influential copy, which will motivate the customer to take immediate action.

Here are some tips to make sure your first email to your email subscribers hits the mark.

Subject line

It needs to motivate the customer to open the email. For example you could use something along the lines of: “Thanks for subscribing – Here’s a special thank you” Or “Thanks for opting in. July savings for email subscribers” Avoid using capitals and exclamations, as it is likely to miss your customer’s inbox and end up in the junk folder without them even seeing it.

Email content

Include special codes that offer a special discount for email subscribers on their first purchase. A good example of this is Diamond Photos, who produce coffee table photo books. Some of their offers are for discounts up to 77% off the recommended retail price if you have their special code.

Avoid words, caps and symbols that will activate the spam filter

Excessive use of capital letters (like you are shouting), overuse of exclamation marks and words like FREE, BONUS, BUY NOW, SPECIAL OFFER, PRIZE will see your email being tagged as spam.

Personalise the copy

You need to make your recipient feel special. This is achieved by calling them by name; instead of ‘Dear customer’. The use of the word ‘you’ is a way of personalizing the copy. This is particularly important if you are a non-profit company. For example “XYZ happened was able to help because of your donations”.

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