Internet Advertising – The way of the future

The in-laws were bitterly complaining about how the business they run from home wasn’t making any money. “We even walked for miles letter boxing flyers!” They grumbled. Who reads flyers? Certainly not me. Every single day my letterbox is chock full of junk mail. Unless it’s a letter containing money – I’m not interested. Junk mail is only good for one thing – lining the bottom of the kitty litter tray.

The days are hard-copy advertising are fading fast. Flyers and letterboxing are so last decade.  A small coloured piece of paper with a few lines of type amongst the colourful, loud brochures from big department stores is likely to be missed. So unless your flyer comes with loud honking whistles and flashing lights, you’re simply wasting your time, money and energy.

Internet advertising is the way of the future. It seems futile to limit yourself to letterboxing the area you live in; when on the internet you can instantly go global. People across the world will suddenly have access to your products and services. Before this can happen you need an eye-catching website if you’re ever to stand a chance against your competitors. If you don’t know the first thing about web design or maintenance, then it’s a good idea to contact to hire a professional. Someone who can find you a domain name, create an easy to navigate site and show you how to regularly update it.

Bing, Google and Yahoo are the most popular search engines on the internet. There are tips and guidelines available to help you configure your website so when someone searches for their product or services in their area, your business appears near the top of the search list.

Make sure you also get on to  Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. They are not just places people with nothing better to do fritter away their time. In 2010 they are an extremely useful advertising resource. It’s easy to set up fan page for your product or service and the best part – it’s 100% free. With the amount of traffic these sites generate getting your business name out there, is much simpler than pounding pavements.

Traditional advertising is forever evolving. If you’re technology-challenged and your business is being left behind, contact X Designs today for a consultation and ensure your company is ready for 2010 and beyond.

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