Advertising campaigns—Sydney goes digital
The in-laws were bitterly complaining about their business wasn’t making any money from their latest advertising campaign. “Sydney used to be a profitable area and we walked for miles letterboxing flyers, but not even one phone call!” They grumbled.

Why don’t my letterbox flyers generate leads?
C’mon who reads flyers? Certainly not us. Every single day our letterbox is chock full of junk mail—scrappy bits of paper with ‘Call Brian for rubbish removal’, takeaway menus from the local fast food chains, countless catalogues and brochures. Newsflash! Unless it’s a letter containing money, our interest factor is zero. Junk mail is only good for one thing and that’s lining the bottom of the kitty litter tray. We’re not the only people who feel this way. Many households have signs requesting no circulars and according to NYU Law, 44% of junk mail is thrown out before it’s even looked at. We imagine the stats in Australia aren’t much different. Not to mention the toll it takes on the environment—the trees, water and power it takes to produce them.

The average household receives approximately one kilogram of junk mail each year. No matter how professionally designed or brightly coloured, your brochure or flyer is likely to be missed. Unless your advertising design comes with flashing lights and loud, honking whistles, you could be simply wasting your time. It’s time to start thinking about the future of your advertising strategy.

What are the benefits of online advertising?
Don’t let being stuck in the 1990s dictate the way you promote your business. There are many benefits to using the internet to boost your product or service. Automatically, promoting your company online opens you up to a wider audience. You’re not limited to pounding the pavements in your local area. Investing in online promotions is future-proofing your brand.

1. Gauge your return on investment (ROI)
It can be hard to determine the results of direct mail marketing unless your actively asking your clients, “How did you hear about us?”
It is easier to track your expenditure and compare it with your results. Google Analytics and the social networks make it simple to track what type of people are coming to your website, where they are from, what pages they are looking at, how long they spend on your website, even what type of device they’re browsing from and how they found your website.

2. It’s cost-effective
When you think about the time and effort that go into producing a flyer and delivering it, you can advertise online for a fraction of the price. Being active on the major social media networks costs you nothing. You get more bang for your buck on the internet. As little as $20 on Facebook advertising can reap the rewards, plus setting up a page Facebook business page or Instagram account costs nothing.

3. Brand awareness
No other form of advertising campaign can result in your business going viral. Until 2014, very few had heard of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, then came ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’—to this date on of the world’s most successful campaigns. It consisted of dumping a bucket of icy cold water over your head and sharing it on the social networks to raise money for ALS. It really came into its own when celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Bill Gates, Dave Grohl and Ashton Kutcher got involved. The campaign raised over $220 million.

4. The ability to try A/B Testing
Which ad works the best? Don’t try and make the decision yourself. Run two ads at the same time. You can use the same content with different photos or video, or different headlines with the same image. Analytics will be able to tell you which advertising strategy works better based on how many clicks. Sound too complicated? That’s okay, because at X Designs our specialty is making the world of technology easier for business throughout Australia.

Traditional advertising is forever evolving. If you’re technology-challenged and your business is being left behind, contact X Designs Advertising today for an advertising campaign. Sydney and Brisbane, ensure your company is ready for 2019 and beyond.