It’s still surprises us how many people have the misconception that developing a your business brand only requires a new logo and matching office stationary. Renowned big names like Reebok, Sony and McDonalds have a whole team of creatives strategizing and designers working full-time on evolving their brand. It takes time and investment. Not every company has access to those types of resources and when whether you’re starting out or rebranding, it can be all too easy to overlook some of the common aspects of branding.

1.Thinking it’s just about having a new logo
A new logo added into a new flash website and office stationary does not constitute a
brand. Branding encompasses every aspect of your business, the way people think and feel about your people when they see your logo, hear your name, use your products.

2. Not having a call to action
A call to action is an instruction that prompts a response from a potential customer or client, whether it’s picking up the phone, signing up for an email newsletter or purchasing a product. Without a call to action, how are your customers to know what you expect from them?

3. Not asking for the sale.
Knowing how and when to ask for a sale and how to ask for the sale is imperative. It’s
easy for a customer to say no if you ask for the sale too early or go about it the wrong
way, but it’s a bigger sin, not to ask for the sale at all.

4. There’s no consistency
How do potential customers learn to identify your brand? It’s through consistency. The public is often dubious about trusting brands they don’t recognise. A unified look from your website, to your print ads, to your brochures and social media networks is vital for brand recognition.

5. Not having a branding strategy session
A branding strategy session is practical discussion session with the objective of
producing a consistent and persuasive brand. Branding Agencies help you eliminate
the common branding mistakes, identify any pitfalls and provides tools you can take
away and help ensure your company is portrayed in the way you intended it to be.

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