With Christmas season just around corner, you should be well underway with planning your email marketing strategies. To make it a much jollier Christmas, we’re sharing eight tried and tested techniques you can utilise.

Get into the festive spirit

Make your emails feel Christmassy. Whether you are marketing goods or services, festive headers and footers, special Christmas bonuses for purchases before December 25 or gift-wrapping services can act as calls to action the customer who usually leaves Christmas shopping until the last minute.

Be prepared for the worst case scenario

Make sure you have pre-made templates in the case of an emergency which explains what’s happening at your end and what you are endeavoring to do about it. For example if your website server goes down or is running slow or goods are delayed due to problems with suppliers, you won’t have to scratch around trying to draft an apology and explanation because you will have already done it. All you have to do is schedule it to be sent out.

Thoughtfully use preview text

Preview text is the quick summary, which appears alongside the subject line with a majority of most main email providers. Think of it like a subheading and target it at last-minute Christmas deals.

Pin it on pinterest

Dedicated Pinterest fans will start collating their want-list for Christmas early in on the year. Using Pinterest is a great way to highlight products or services you have for sale, determine what products are most sought after by people who like your products and use this information to relay it to potential customers. For example: A beauty company might discover a skin care range as the most desired item by women in Australia for Christmas.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

If Christmas 2014 you ran a very successful email marketing strategy, you don’t have to do something completely different. Stick with it and incorporate some of these handy techniques.

Make sure your emails are mobile-responsive

Every year the stats on smartphone use continue to grow, yet many retailers and service providers still haven’t wholly embraced mobile responsiveness as part of their marketing strategy. X Designs can provide you with a complete rundown on what it takes to go mobile-friendly. Your website might be responsive but you need to ensure your email templates are too.

Give your email urgency

No one wants to be working Christmas Eve, so make sure you put in a cut-off deadline for Christmas sales as this will not only make sure you’re not running around like a headless chook trying to get orders out, but it will motivate your buyers to act so they don’t miss out.

Contacts over Christmas

Do you shut down completely over the Christmas/New Year holiday period or is there an emergency number customers contact if they need to speak to you? What constitutes an emergency? Make it clear in your email what happens if someone needs to contact you when you’re out of the office. And if you are taking a break, when you will be available to deal with their queries. Be sure to have your automated email marketing software set up to deal with queries while you are enjoying the seasonal holiday with your family.

If you need any help with email marketing strategies, getting automated software which handles your emails or festive email templates, contact the graphic design professionals XDesigns today.