There are logos and great logos! We’ve compiled a list of what makes a great logo. Apply these characteristics to your company logo to make sure it measures up. If you can’t answer yes to these nine traits, it’s time to call the team at XDesigns and grab a logo overhaul.

1 Is your logo simple? 

Make sure it is straight-forward and easy to read. It doesn’t have to be a convoluted design interlaced with vector images and clip art. 

2 Is you logo memorable? 

Can you look at the logo for two seconds, close your eyes and then recall every detail of it?

3 Is your logo appropriate?

Do the fonts suit the company it stands for? For example, if you have a day centre for children does the font suggest playfulness and fun? The same font you use for a day care centre wouldn’t be appropriate for a law firm or financial institute.

4 Is your logo adaptable?

Does it translate well when you resize it to be used for office signage or a car wrap or is it only suitable for business cards and office stationary?

5 Does your logo reflect the vision you have behind the brand?

Take Nike for instance. The name comes from a Greek Goddess and means goddess of victory. The icon used in the logo is used to depict the wings of the Goddess but is also resembles a tick, which enforces positivity. 

6 Is your logo more than just a plain font on a coloured background?

It’s important that your logo reflects the service or product you provide. For example, the Woolworths logo incorporates a green apple into the design.

7 Does your logo stand out from the crowd?

It’s important when creating your own brand that your logo doesn’t mimic other businesses. You need the logo to remind people of your business, not think “Hey, that logo looks just like Coca Cola”.

8 Does your logo make good use of space?

Your logo should be easy to read. The letters should be well-spaced, not jumbled altogether. It should incorporate icons into the design and not have them added as an afterthought.

9 Do you know what makes a great logo?

If you’re still confused even after reading this blog, it won’t hurt you to send your logo to XDesigns Advertising for a logo health check.