Landing page

it’s the newest buzzword being tossed around, when it comes to your online presence and if your website doesn’t have one, it is likely you are leaving a tonne of money on the table and missing out on many opportunities. Your website’s primary aim should be to convert visitors into genuine enquires and leads. More customers translate to more cash and who wants to miss out on increased revenue?

So what is a landing page?

Think of it in terms of airports, when a plane arrives at any airport, it has a specific runway it is instructed to land on. It’s the same when you have a landing page attached to your website. When a prospect or a customer clicks a link to your website whether it’s from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, an email or search engine, they will be directed to land on a specific page on your site. This is called a landing page or sometimes referred to as a lead capture page in the online marketing world.

There are generally two types of landing pages – a reference landing page and a transactional landing page. The most common landing page and the most effective is the transactional landing page.

A transactional landing page is one that leads a customer or prospect to take a particular action. The most common action will be to fill out a form. Some transactional landing pages lead directly to a sale, however for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on the landing pages that aim to lead to capturing a prospects information.

For your landing page to be effective it’s important it contains a few essential elements:

  1. There is a big welcome banner, speaking directly to your prospective customer.
  2. Its important your page is visually appealing, tied in with your brand and adds a certain amount of value.
  3. You may find a video or some key bullet points entices and directs your prospect to fill in their details which leads to the fourth essential element.
  4. An opt-in form. This is a form where you will usually collect the prospects name and email and you may grab their phone number if it’s needed.

So what will a landing page really do for you?

  1. They say the gold in any business is in the database. The ultimate goal of your landing page is to help you build your mailing list allowing you to generate new leads.
  2. It increases your chances of speaking directly with more qualified and interested prospects, eliminating the time wasters and increasing your conversion rates.
  3. As a business owner, you simply cannot manage what you don’t measure. A landing page also allows gathering data and analysing who is coming to your website, what they are specifically looking for which enables you to determine how you will communicate to them in your sales process that adds value to the customer.

What’s next? How do you get a landing page?

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