Now that you have gained a brief insight into what a landing page is, let’s explore landing pages in more detail, so you can truly discover the benefits and how they help you maximise the effectiveness of your website.

By now Im sure you understand there is more to a landing page than just looking pretty. A landing page can be visually appealing and consistent with your corporate branding, however if it’s not converting website traffic into genuine leads, it’s not fulfilling its purpose.

We’re going to have a closer look at the necessary design elements needed to create an effective landing page. It will give you a better understanding of what information is important.

Less is more.

You have just a few seconds to communicate your message so it’s important exclude unnecessary text or graphics.There’s nothing more frustrating for a prospect to land on a page and be bomarded with multiple messages and offers. Keep it simple, anything superfluous will detract from the real reason your client has been directed to your landing page.

Stick to

one purpose, one objective.  If you have other offers you want to communicate to your marketplace, then there’s no reason why you cannot have multiple landing pages. We recommend you start with just one. Always remember a cluttered page will never be seen and acted on. It will take longer to download especially for those who are using smartphones, iPads or tablets which can be frustrating.

Grab Your Prospects Attention at the top. 

Your prospective client should not have to search to find out what the offer is. State it simply at the top. Wham. It should be the first thing your eyes focus on. It should speak directly to your prospects wants and needs and should instantly capture their attention.

Be clear and concise

Following the traditional marketing formula, your headline should be informative and include key words. Don’t waste time trying to be clever or witty. The potential customer immediately wants to know what’s on offer. It’s also important to ensure the main body of text is rich with keywords and keyword subheadings are used to break up the content. Remember your sub headline and your body contents main purpose is to build interest and desire to know more about what your product or service will offer.

Use high visibility buttons

The purpose of a landing page is to entice potential customers to take action. What you want your prospect to do needs to be highly visible and works best if all they have to do is just click one button and enter minimal details.

Everybody loves freebies

Using words like free sample or free trial or win will lure the customer into taking action. If you feel the word “free” is overused then try complimentary. It is always important to use the words that match your business and your product, service and or offer.

Always lead the prospect into taking some form of action

Whether you want your prospect to fill in their details or take an immediate action to purchase, it’s crucial you lead your prospect into doing something like filling in their details to access complimentary training videos, download a free e book or whitepaper. Whatever it may be, be sure you lead them to completing the form and leaving their details.

By now I'm sure you are ready to dive straight in and have a landing page built that will bring more qualified leads to your business.

What’s next? How do you get a landing page?

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