Most business cards are nothing extraordinary and get shoved into a wallet or purse where they quickly forgotten and never see the light of day again. And because of that you lose business. A prospective client will never get to know about your extended opening hours, your outstanding customer service or bonuses for repeat customers.

Business cards can say a truckload about your business. A card printed on inferior paper on your home printer or is riddled spelling mistakes it reflects on the way people think you will conduct business. It doesn’t matter if you have won thousands of awards for customer service or your products have been voted the best in Australia. If your business cards look cheap and nasty, you might as well kiss customers goodbye.An innovative and professionally printed and well-designed card sends a good first impression which will remain long after your initial meeting.

But what most people forget is a business card, no matter how attractive it is, if it doesn’t have a marketing strategy tagline, you are just throwing your money down the drain.

You need to give clients a reason to contact you- something more than just promising no appointment is necessary or that you’re located in the centre of town. You need to let people know why you are the person they should contact. Can you provide a free 15 minute hair consultation or will you offer a complimentary facial with any 30 minute massage?

What can you offer? You need to make this clear on your business card. It can be one of the most effective, portable marketing tools next to a printed brochure if done properly.
To ensure the job is done correctly, it may help to enlist the help of a graphic design studio who can give your business card the flair to grab attention and help you come up with a catchy tagline.
It will be the difference between whether your business card is stuck to the fridge or relegated to the back of a wallet.