Ever looked at your competitor’s branding and begrudgingly thought “That makes them look bigger and better than what they really are?” Annoying isn’t it?

Suppress the green-eyed monster because the solution of giving your branding that extra WOW factor is as simple as a makeover. 

No, it doesn’t mean your current logo was poorly designed. No, you don’t have to change your logo dramatically or your company colours. You have the essentials; you just need a bit of a tune up to make your company’s profile more modern. 

Remember those knitted rainbow coloured leg warmers you wouldn’t leave the house without in the eighties, now you wouldn’t be seen dead in them? Just like fashion trends, branding becomes out of date too. 

Your company’s branding needs to move with the times. Look at Apple for an example and notice the way their logo has evolved over the years to keep it looking fresh and new. The design is fundamentally the same, but subtle changes modernise it. Coca Cola and Pepsi have also adapted their logo regularly since their conception to keep it contemporary. While each change of their logos conveys a new look, they have the same underlying themes to ensure brand familiarity to their loyal customers.

Giving your logo a new spin, without changing it dramatically means your current customers will still recognise it, as well as sends a message saying your company is serious about keeping up to date with modern trends. Remember if you’re going to update your logo, you will also need to update your website, office letterheads, fax headers, t-shirts, even car wraps if you use them. Consistency across your branding is just as important as moving your company with the times.

So how do you know if you need to update your logo? Ask yourself if your logo is attention-grabbing. Has your business changed its main focus? Is your logo unique? Does it look modern? How does it compare to your competitors? Is your business in a slump? Has it been at least five years since you updated your company branding?

Changing your logo is a big decision but it’s an investment well worth considering. 

Talk to a proven graphic professional on how to bring your company into the 21st century.