There are times when a brochure or flyer is simply not enough, especially when you want to show off your company to a potential client.Yes, website are great and a must-have, but what about when you need something more personalised, specifically designed to highlight what your company can do for an individual client? Welcome to the world of PowerPoint presentations. Once upon a time you would have to drag along your laptop and a data projector, but now with the convenience of iPads, all your relevant stats, graphs, even photos of your staff members can be at the touch of your fingertips.

PowerPoint presentations don’t just have to be designed for use for one-on-ones with clients; they are one of the best ways to reach larger audiences, particularly if you have a kiosk or interactive display at a lifestyle expo. High-tech presentations in video, DVD or multimedia formats are extremely appealing, engaging and guaranteed to be attention-grabbing. Plus it gives you the option of providing extra copies on CD-ROM or DVD so your potential customers have something other than a business card to take away with them.

The main objective of every presentation is to provide an increased understanding of what your company does while making a positive impression. Effective PowerPoint presentations demonstrate how your company’s values and key messages impact the way you conduct business, and how that will provide solutions to any prospective customer’s challenges.

Of course you could put the PowerPoint presentation together yourself, but using templates looks tacky and the design needs feature your company brand. Focus on one idea per slide; support your headlines with graphics, e.g.; photos or graphs. Using both words and images has more impact than words alone. And lastly, not every point needs to be mentioned in the slides. More detailed information can be included in any hand outs.

If you’re not familiar with PowerPoint or know the ins and outs to creating a dynamic multimedia presentation, it may be more cost-effective to engage the services of a proven graphic design professional than to waste your valuable time.