What is a web spud?

It’s the internet form of a couch potato, a website that sits on the internet doing absolutely nothing. It achieves nothing. It costs you even though it’s sitting in cyber space doing nothing and it never changes. People get bored of visiting and sooner or later, your website is forgotten. Find out if your website has turned into a web spud and whether it’s time you contacted XDesigns for a refresh.

  1. Your staff profiles include bios of ex-employees.
  2. You haven’t logged on to your website to update it in over a month.
  3. You haven’t made any changes to your website since it was built.
  4. It features products you no longer stock.
  5. You don’t have Google Analytics installed to track how your website is performing.
  6. You have Google Analytics installed but number of visitors clicking on your website are staying for 30 seconds and never coming back.
  7. It’s hard for visitors to navigate their way around your website.
  8. Your page titles don’t reflect the content.
  9. The text is hard to read and there’s screeds of it.
  10. Poor security makes your website a target for hackers.
  11. You haven’t embraced social media.
  12. Your website has been set up by a family member or friend as a favour.
  13. Your website isn’t mobile friendly.
  14. The site is slow to load.
  15. You’ve had your website for years but it’s never had a makeover.
  16. Search engines don’t know your website exists.

If you’ve answered yes to just one of these questions, contact XDesigns Advertising to get your website back on the cyber highway to success.