There are crucial changes to social media platforms your business needs to know for success in 2023. This can often be difficult for small to medium business owners who don’t have their own marketing team to stay across from the regular updates.

One of the most common complaints we get at XDesigns Advertising is that social media no longer works. 95% of the time we find it’s because business owners are still posting what they used to post long before Meta became a universe. They are also relying on organic posting when it’s fast becoming a user pays platform.

With NEW algorithm changes set to change social media platforms for 2023, we’ve compiled a quick guide of what you can expect to see in the new year.


Remember how Facebook changed the algorithm, so people could see more content from their friends and family, that’s changing again. This may not be a popular move by Mark Zuckerberg, if you’re in the Metaverse to catch up with your friends and family, but it is good news for businesses. It is said 50% of content on news feeds will be from business and pages people don’t follow. For the small business owner, this is great news, as AI will recommend your well-performing content to people outside your immediate audience.

Facebook will no longer be promoting external links that lead to your website, blog or any other URL that leads away from the platform, so even if you have a restaurant and want to include a booking link or share or YouTube link—don’t do it!

Think about things you can do to keep people on your Facebook page—shareable, relatable content like funny memes, interactive posts like caption this, fill in the blanks, Q&A.


Instagram seems to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast, putting it politely! There were a lot of changes during 2022. While the introduction of Reels trying to cut-in on the popular short-form TikTok type content has been a game-changer for Instagram, the end of IGTV and combining Reels, video content and GIFs under the one video icon has been messy. Brands are struggling to be seen with all the noise and are still sharing photos, while Instagram is trying to promote itself as a video edutainment platform.

The trick to being seen on Instagram is to build a community of superfans who create user-generated content. There’s nothing followers like to see more than the content they’ve tagged you in being reshared to your audience. Combine that with embracing creating video content, and you’ll increase your chances of getting your brand seen.

Instagram live shopping is also in the pipelines. Users will be able to go live with products and answer questions throughout the broadcast.


As seen with the other social media platforms, LinkedIn video content continues to gain higher levels of engagement. This can be difficult if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. 2023 needs to become the year when you embrace video format, whether it’s interviews with industry experts, showcasing new products or providing demonstrations or tutorials. Don’t forget to include subtitles because not everyone wants their boss to know what they’re watching during working hours.

As a result of the consumption of video content, you can expect LinkedIn will be focusing on introducing more video-related tools to make creating content such as live streams, webinars and video chat easier.


You have three seconds to capture someone's attention, and short form content is one of the best ways to do this. Creating compelling binge-watchable content will always perform better than long form content unless it’s incredibly engaging. With YouTube shorts being relatively new and popular, you’d be remiss not to get on the video bandwagon.


TikTok, once popular with only the younger audience, is becoming more diverse and the platform is becoming more saturated with content. With expansion into e-commerce and using influencers to promote products, it may be time to rethink your social media strategy for 2023. Many businesses have shied away from TikTok, thinking of it as a story time or dance challenge platform, but as ecommerce continues to integrate with the platform, ensuring your brand is providing engaging search optimised content with well-researched hashtags will improve your ability to be seen.


Your guess is as good as ours, since Elon Musk has taken the reins of Twitter. One thing is for sure, there are bound to be some huge changes to the channel. Previously, the blue tick was only allocated to official verified accounts of celebrities and major influencers, but with a paid subscription available to get the Twitter tick, users complained it was hard to tell the difference between authentic accounts and deep fakes.

Verification subscriptions have been paused as imposters run amok. There will be a resurgence on Twitter as people who have abandoned the platform check out the changes Elon Musk has brought about, more out of curiosity. Primarily, it will remain a strong news platform and the place people go to vent when the other social media networks experience outages.


Get ahead of the changes before they take hold and if you’re struggling to find the time or don’t understand social media, then leave it to a team of social media experts at XDesigns Advertising. We can help you understand the crucial changes your business needs to know for success in 2023.