Copying and pasting clipart with your company name does not make a notable logo. There are several components necessary when creating a unique symbol to represent your company and what it stands for. Having a logo which is easily recognisable, simple, ageless and adaptable are characteristics which should not be compromised on.

Unforgettable is not just a song recorded by Nat King Cole in 1951. It is an indispensable element that should be applied to all graphic design work. Think about the logos you can recall at a moment’s notice; McDonalds Golden Arches, Google, Coca Cola, the Target bull’s eye. What do these logos all have in common? You only have to see them and immediately you associate them with a brand.

The key to having a memorable logo is to ensure you apply the KISS technique (Keep It Simple Stupid). Quality logos are unique and without the design being too ostentatious. For example: Apple and the Nike tick are prime examples.

A logo must also be adaptable, practical and able to be used across an assortment of avenues and uses. To be practical it is advisable to have the logo created in a vector format, this will allow it to be enlarged or decreased in size without losing resolution. Keep in mind, the use of colour – the more multi-coloured, the more expensive it is to print. Knowledge about the commercial colour production and being aware of the differences between RGB, Pantone and CYMK colours will avoid your logo looking different in print than it does on the computer monitor.

A logo needs to pass the test of time. There is no point creating an identity for your company which in a decade from now will appear old-fashioned. A good example of a logo which is timeless is Apple. It hasn’t really changed from the original concept, only the colours and embossing have been used to modernise it.

If you have limited graphic design experience, rather than wasting your time creating a sub-standard logo which is one of your company’s most important marketing tools, consult a professional graphic studio. They can take your ideas and apply the essential elements with ease.