So you’ve decided you want to automate your email marketing campaigns? Before you invest in email marketing software, you need to develop a marketing campaign strategy and think about what kind of emails you’ll be sending out to your clients to ensure the marketing email software you select is going to meet your requirements. Today we'll be covering just four of the essential types of email you need to include in your automated email strategy.


The purpose of the invitational email is to encourage clients to register for events whether it’s a seminar, exhibition, movie preview or a webinar. It is imperative these emails are well-designed so it would be well worth your while hiring a professional graphic designer.

Informative content

Sharing useful informative emails with your clients is a great way of engaging and driving your brand without trying to push them to purchase anything. The objective of these emails are to prompt the reader to forward to a friend or click on a link within the email which leads to your website. If you are struggling to write content or stuck for ideas, the team at XDesigns have years of experience with content marketing. Ask for some pointers to get you started.

Automatic response emails

These are emails automatically sent out to clients at their request so it’s a good opportunity to glean information from them using forms or landing pages. At the very least you should be able to extract their email address and age group. To set up landing pages or forms, talk to XDesigns.

Subtle sales emails

These are emails using subtle subject lines that you’d expect to get from a close friend. For example: “Just thought it was time we touched base” or “Saw this and thought of you.” These are more personalised emails that are not overly pushy and helps to forge a relationship between your salespeople and their clients.

If you are finding all this talk of automated email and marketing campaigns just too confusing or you simply don't have time to deal with setting up a system like this, talk to the team at XDesigns. Advertsing, their experience with automated email marketing will make everything from set-up to email content a breeze.