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Great product or service

Business logo and matching stationary

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Advertising in the local paper

Advertising in the yellow pages

Have you forgotten anything? (long pause as you rack your brain). Most business owners believe once they have a presence on the internet – website, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, plus  a few ads in the local paper, it’s a matter of sitting back and waiting for the business to roll in. It’s time to change your way of thinking.

The two most important items to ensure your business is a success is branding and marketing; two concepts which are often neglected due to having a shoestring budget and lack of know-how and time. It’s vital to the future of your business to make the time to find out how to market your business properly. Do you really want to be one of those company owners who constantly worry about where you’re going to find the money to pay your staff, or the rent for your commercial premises? Reading this blog is a baby step to growing your business.

So what is marketing? To put it simply – it’s about finding out what people want and giving it to them. Often business owners get so caught up in the day to day running of the business, they simply forget about how important marketing is.

You can begin by answering the following questions

  1. What can you offer that no one else does? Essentially, people are egocentric. They’re selfish. They don’t care about your business. They just want to know what’s in it for them. Once you understand this marketing concept, you’re already strides ahead of your competitors.
  2. Have you built up a brand? Think of a brand like a tattoo. Almost everyone has the same body parts and essentially they look the same and have the same purpose. When you get a tattoo, it’s a permanent mark it makes you stand out from a crowd. That’s exactly what building a brand does for your company. It makes you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Does your brand have a personality?  Tim Reid, the founder of Small Business, Big Marketing suggests to think of your brand as if it was a person. What character does it have? Is it smart and sassy? Fun, loud and gregarious? Who are its best mates (ie, target audience?)
  4. What are your business principles? For example;  Sanitarium’s core principle is better health through better nutrition.
  5. Is your brand consistent? Think of all the ways people come into contact with your business. (Business cards, advertising, company cars, uniforms, office stationary).

It seems a lot to take on board, but the most vital thing to remember it needs to be done well. If you think it’s expensive to engage a proven professional, think about how much it will cost you if you use an amateur.