What chance does your business stand in a competitive market if you are not pushing your product or service? One of the most crucial ways to increase your sales is through advertising. Success or failure of most advertisements reverts back to one thing – the ad itself.

One of the most important aspects of advertising, apart from having the graphics, logos and images look professional, is the way it is written. The main objective is to make the reader want to purchase the product or service. It sounds hard, but there is a simple formula to follow.

1. Use words that will attract attention. (Words like free, new, last chance, bargain, discount)
2. Make it interesting
3. Create a desire for the product or service
4. Elicit immediate action

The one basic rule of writing copy for advertisements is: If the ad does not grab the attention of the reader, it will be quickly forgotten. The most successful advertising copywriters always adhere to the above method.
If writing is not your forte, then it’s best to outsource your work to a professional copywriter. It may sound expensive, but it’s better to get it right the first time than to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising and have little or no results.