The humble tagline is not just a throw-away line to sum up your business in one short statement. Taglines can be used to communicate your company’s philosophy, point of difference and when used correctly, your business will be instantly recognised
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll immediately know the brands behind these famous taglines.

1 I’m lovin’ it
2 Finger-lickin’ good
3 Just do it
4 Priceless

How many did you get right?

The above taglines have several things in common.
They span generations. Finger-lickin’ good was used for 50 years before recently being updated to So good to portray a healthier option.

They span cultures. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, the tagline identifies the brand.

They don’t say what the company does because they are catchy enough to stand alone. Imagine instead of Just do it, Nike had opted for something unoriginal like Manufacturing shoes since 1946 or certified shoe makers.

Spectacular taglines are adapted into the modern culture and used as phrases in every day conversations or as hashtags on Twitter.

When creating a tagline for your business there are variables you need to take into consideration. The following points should help you with your tagline development.

  • What is the main benefit you consider your brand provides and what makes your brand different from everyone else in the same line of business?
  • What do want your tagline to express about your expertise and what is the best way to do that?
  • Brainstorm ideas. Remember during a brainstorming session — no ideas are stupid. Then evaluate the list and determine the phrases that describe the most valued aspects you think should be conveyed and compile a list of possible taglines from these words and phrases, keeping your objective in mind.
  • Make a list of your top five suggestions that are concise, pertinent and simple

One of the most important aspects of a memorable tagline line is that it is relevant to the needs of your target market. Unfortunately a lot of smaller businesses owners or companies starting out might have solid backgrounds in management but lack the essential skills when it comes to branding and marketing and creativity, but still insist on doing everything themselves. That’s where XDesigns Advertising can help with have the know how and the necessary skills to transform your business. For a quote or to have a chat about the direction of your business phone the team today