A lead magnet is a freebie or special deal on your website, which captures your website visitors’ email addresses. It turns browsers into subscribers with a better success rate than most other email gleaning alternatives.

Think of a lead magnet as a fishing lure. It has to be an attractive offer to reel in the big fish.

In other words, what you’re offering has to entice visitors to your page and make the effort of actually entering their email address worthwhile.

It can be a tough ask in a digital world where sometimes just clicking like or share seems to be like a big effort and spamming and scamming can be a concern.

Simply using a newsletter or offer subscription box isn’t going to bait customers into divulging their details. Location, design, relevance, simplicity and compelling copy are all important components to creating a persuasive lead magnet.

A lead magnet needs to be concise about what the customer will receive in turn for giving you their email details. Use bribery, something a customer would normally expect to pay for, but will get free by simply providing their email address. For example: A weight loss companies might offer a week’s long menu plan or an eBook on the 10 Foods You Should Never Eat.

Ensure you follow-up and each lead receives their free offer or deal in a timely manner, otherwise you’re likely to end up with customers who feel like they’ve been duped into joining your email list. Generally, website visitors who are duped into parting with their contact details will end up feeling discontent with your company,

and unsubscribed next time they see an email from you. Captured email addresses can be added to your contact database (sometimes referred to as a sales funnel). However most visitors to your website won’t buy anything on their first visit and an eye-catching lead magnet will only get you so far.

You need to put in place a great follow-up strategy to foster your leads and transform them into sales. For more information on setting up lead magnets for your website or blog, contact the team at XDesigns Advertising. Our clients are located throughout Australia, Sydney, Castle Hill, Norwest, Parramatta, Ryde and Seven Hills.