Every time you go to the movies, pick up a magazine, discover a product catalogue in your mailbox, get an e-newsletter, buy a product with packaging, see shop signage or watch a TV commercial, graphic design is involved.

Take a look at your environment right now. Pick up a book, look at an insurance claim form, pull on a pair of jeans with a designer label or even read the TV Guide - graphic design is used everywhere.

As you notice the different ways graphic design can be used, you will get more of an idea of what a graphic designer will be able to do for you, particularly if you own a business.

Why do you need a graphic designer?

If you are a business owner, it can be tempting to use a friend or do-it-yourself to cater to all your graphic design needs. It might be cheap but is it wise? If you want your business to exude professionalism, you need to employ the services of a professional graphic designer, after all you wouldn’t go to someone who wasn’t trained to fix your teeth or cut your hair. You will need to hire the services of a professional if you:

Don’t have a logo for your business or office stationary

You have a logo but it looks outdated or you did it yourself using clipart

Nothing matches from your logo to your office signage and office stationary

You plan to launch a marketing campaign or a new product

You need a new website or your old website looks like it was designed in the days of Noah’s Ark.

What do you need to know about hiring a graphic designer?

Obviously, like most things in life, you pay for what you get. The cheapest quote isn’t necessarily going to be the best. Ask work colleagues or business associates for commendations. They will be able to give you the basic information - what they paid, performance and reliability. When you have a couple of recommendations do further research by checking out their websites and portfolio of work. Ask yourself whether you like their style, whether they have a variety of styles or all their work looks the same and whether it’s professional looking. Also check out online reviews and customer testimonials before phoning to organise a meeting.

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