Content marketing is producing creative and educational material pertinent to potential loyal clients. Through word of mouth these clients have the ability to influence friends and family potentially creating future business for your company. It’s a form of advertising which is steadily growing more popular and veers away from the more traditional approaches you might be familiar with.

The key to effective content marketing is to captivate your reader’s attention leaving them wanting more, while still being informative. This allows you to build your brand and promote what your company is about no matter what product you are marketing.

To give you an example of a very clever and unique style of content marketing is IBM’s ‘Cityone’ website - a place where thousands of gamers can from all across the world solve real business, environmental and logistical problems in a game format.

Another company that successfully uses content marketing is Colgate with their oral health and dental resource centre, while Kraft developed a website with recipes.

In a world where we are constantly blasted with advertising, on websites, social media, television, radio, even in our letterbox with a never ending collection of what we’ve come to refer to as junkmail, we have become capable of tuning out. So the idea with content marketing is to find something that appeals to your target audience, something ultimately they won’t be able to resist.

Now that you know what content marketing is, the hardest part is deciding how you can incorporate it into your advertising and how to do it well. Stay tuned.

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