Before we examine what digital branding is, you need to understand what branding is.

We searched Google for one definitive answer and here’s what we found.

“Branding is a promise delivered.” – The Marketing Donut

“A brand is who people think you are when they aren’t looking.” –

“Your brand is what makes you different from the competition.”

“Your brand is what people think when they hear your name…your brand only exists in someone’s mind.” – Forbes Magazine

What we can take from this is branding is how consumers feel about your product. It’s what makes you stand out in a crowd.

Think about a brand like a person. Your first name and surname is your brand name. Your personality and the way you leave people feeling is your brand.

Now how do we apply this to digital branding?

In the simplest terms, digital branding is what the public associate with you in relation to your online presence. Don’t mistake it for being products that are only sold online. Your digital brand is your online personality.

It’s about the way people feel about you after visiting your website or interacting with you on you social media pages. Hard to navigate websites or not responding to followers questions via social media, are not going to win friends or influence potential consumers to seek you out online.

Having an online presence in today’s society is more important than we can stress. If you don’t have a website, can’t be found on any of the social media platforms, in the mind of modern society, you might as well not exist. It doesn’t matter if they can find your name in the Yellow pages. It sounds brutal, but it’s true.

Even if you are active in social media and have a website, in a media saturated world, it needs to be better than good, it needs to be great.

Stay tuned this month as we delve deeper into developing your digital brand.