Ever wondered what RSS stands for? It means Really Simple Syndication. Not all websites offer RSS feeds, but if they are available they are indicated by an orange and white logo

Reading blogs and surfing the internet is a brilliant way to keep your finger on the pulse with relevant news, whether it’s about your business, the area you live or even just topics you’re interested in (eg: current affairs, Photoshop tutorials, celebrity gossip)

You can even use RSS feeds as a helpful resource for devising new concepts and topics for your own email newsletters, blogs and social media sites.With so much information available on the internet, it can be laborious visiting all your favourite websites to read articles or blogs you find interesting. RSS feeds save you lots of time and makes it easier for you to keep track of news and updates.

So how do you start using an RSS feed? First of all you will need a news reader, also known as a feed reader or RSS reader. Microsoft Outlooks comes with an RSS Feed and if you don’t have access to Outlook, then Google offers a free, simple to use reader which you can access on line. It’s as simple as logging in and choosing the content you want to get by subscribing to the relevant RSS feeds.

On your favourite websites, look out for the orange and white logo, then click on the icon to view the RSS feed and copy the URL or website address from the web page that opens. All you have to do then go back to your Google reader and click on subscribe in the top left page and paste the link into the field provided. Any update for that website will now feed directly into your reader. Repeat for as many websites as you want and then all you need to do is login to Google reader when you want to check for updates. It’s easy, so what are you waiting for?