Marketing trends come and go, but there is one strategy that continues to be crucial to the success of your business. It’s a trend both Amazon, Tesla, Buzzfeed and even Trip Advisor have utilised well. We’re talking about the art of storytelling. It doesn’t matter how much capital you invest or that the operational side of your business runs like clockwork. Without storytelling and painting a really compelling vision for your customers, you may find your brand is easily forgotten.

At the end of the day, your company won’t be remembered for having an amazing website (although that does help) or for the time you posted a video of your CEO undertaking the #cinnamonchallenge and it went viral. The most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal will be your ability to tell stories.

People connect with stories, and studies have proven individuals are much more easily able to retain facts when they are outlined within a narrative. Statistics reveal only five to ten per cent of people are able to recall facts and figures when delivered in a dry format (Lecturing without storytelling, PowerPoint presentations without making it relatable).

Stories provide customers with the ability to imagine how the products would fit into their lives. Infomercials are a great example of this. As annoying as you may find them, they solve relevant problems through the art of narration.

Testimonials, frequently asked questions using real life examples, blogs and list articles are just a few ways you can use this strategy.

You can have the most well-thought out business model, the latest in technology and the backing of incredible staff, but without wonderful storytelling, will anyone listen? Maybe, but they’re not likely to remember.

Story telling is an art. If you are ready to take your storytelling to the next level, talk to us today and discover the XDesigns Advertising difference.